ds. The appetite of the men, wi▓th the exception of the sick, is always of the▓ best.They are very particular


s, and which ▓is no coffee at all, but roasted bread crust w▓hich spoils the water in which it is soaked.Man●y a man would prefer pure water to the unswe

  • et●ened, light-brown mixture, called bo▓otleg.It isn't eve

  • n near coffee, but it is ins●idiously named coffee, so as to p▓rove to the public

  • that the convict▓s are pampered and spoiled. ▓ One day a membe

  • r of the Prison Commission who w●as visiting the penitent

  • iary pi▓cked up a tin cup of coffee which was sta●nding in the mes

  • s hall, where the con▓victs were watching the visit●ors testing the food w

  • hich had been picked out▓ for that purpose.[Pg 155] The C

  • ommis●sioner drank half a mouthful o▓f the bootleg, and th


  • ccount, fine

    en, with a wry face, swif●tly spat it on the floor.The convicts did▓ not laugh; they were too

  • r clothes,▓

    well discipli▓ned for that; but an almost imperceptible whispe●ring titter swe

  • more expens

    pt all over the mess hall like a▓ June breeze wafting over a wh●eat field. XXI T

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